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Configuring JWT Validation in Orbital

In the fast-paced world of API-driven development, securing communication between services using authentication and authorization mechanisms such as JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) is crucial. Developers often employ mocking tools to emulate API responses and behaviours, streamlining the development and testing process. Many API testing and mocking tools excel at generating fake tokens for testing against […]

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Using Kind for Local Kubernetes

I have been playing around with Kubernetes lately and was looking for an easy way to get a cluster going locally. I came across Kind when looking for this solution and found it really easy to use. It’s super easy to get a cluster going especially if you already have kubectl installed. It’s fast to install kind […]

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Want to be a Digital Enterprise? Build More Software!

“COTS-first”, “Why build it when we can buy it?”, “Custom development is expensive”, “We’re not a software company” were all slogans that were hammered into my head during the first half of my career working for a large global consulting firm. They were and are still the prevailing wisdom in the IT industry and when […]

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Shan Gu Foci Technology

Stop Talking About Cloud

Yes, this is an odd sentiment to have as a Cloud-native software company but hear me out. We spend a lot of time talking to organizations about adopting Cloud concepts and approaches. The large majority of the discussions land in one of two categories: Help me move stuff to the Cloud to save money and […]

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GitHub Actions – Deploying an Angular App

Recently I built an Angular demo application that showcases some of the features provided by Angular. I will deploy this application to GitHub pages using GitHub Actions, a newly released CI/CD platform that can be used by open source repositories for free. Since I already have a completed Angular project pushed to GitHub, all I […]

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Multi Stage Pipelines & Azure DevOps

Many years ago, I wrote a blog post about TFS and DevOps. A lot has changed since then, with multiple versions of the build pipeline being released, but it continues to be one of the most trafficked articles on our site.   Microsoft has worked hard to create a better experience for build automation and […]

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Using JavaScript and JSON as a Common Language in Orbital Bus

Large enterprises usually have many programming languages across their departments. These departments, often located in different cities, will build teams out of what they see as the best-available local resources. It’s fairly common to find large-scale enterprise or government groups that have applications written in .NET and Java, never mind the plethora of other languages […]

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Dan McCrady Foci Technology

Dynamic Plugin Loading Using MEF

The Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) is a library that enables software to discover and load libraries at runtime without hard-coded references. Microsoft included MEF in .NET framework version 4.0 and since then it has been commonly used for dependency resolution and inversion of control patterns. Orbital Bus makes communication possible between different parties by sharing […]

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