Build Sustainable Engineering Teams

Finding highly skilled software engineers is difficult, especially in today’s highly competitive talent market. We are experts in building talent in-house and we bring that knowledge to our clients to help them create a strong engineering culture which attracts and develops highly skilled developers without breaking the bank.

Talent Engine

Acquiring and developing talent needs to be intentional and repeatable. We’ve researched and analyzed the talent journey from recruitment through to exit and have created proven processes to not only hire the best talent, but also ensure they work and grow together into better engineering teams. We do this through:

  • Interview processes that identify desirable behaviours and growth potential;
  • Hiring cadence and onboarding processes that promote strong team culture and relationships;
  • Formalized interactions that promote learning and growth through feedback and collaboration;
  • Performance management framework that promotes learning and collaboration; and
  • Strategies to empower junior engineers to create high quality and velocity output.

Burst Capacity

Building talent is great, but you have a product to build and revenue targets to hit. We believe in the power of learn-by-doing. We can provide you with a highly skilled team which will integrate with your product teams to give them a boost in capacity while helping them up their game. We do this through:

  • A highly skilled multi-disciplinary team with a track record of building high quality software products for our clients;
  • A player-coach model where we pair up with your team across all levels (e.g., SCRUM Master, Dev Lead, Junior Engineer) to create opportunities for peer coaching and knowledge sharing; and
  • A set of pre-packaged and proven product delivery methodologies and tools to accelerate delivery (e.g., roles and responsibilities, coding standards, Cloud deployment templates).

Quality Engineering

High quality engineering processes and behaviours result in high quality products. We work with your team to build and adopt disciplined product development processes so that embedding quality into everything you do becomes second nature. We do this through:

  • Pair programming to promote collaboration and technical feedback;
  • Well defined coding standards to promote code quality, readability, testability, and consistency;
  • Code reviews and Retros to create a feedback and improvement loop;
  • One-on-one coaching to build and imprint quality engineering behaviours; and
  • In-context learning to ensure the problem is solved properly the first time around rather than rely on temporary fixes and high-cost refactoring later.

Leadership Culture

A strong engineering culture can only be built with strong leadership that is committed to it. We work with your management and executive teams to ensure that your organization adopts behaviours and policies that foster a culture of learning, collaboration, and quality. We do this through:

  • Leadership style and communication reviews to ensure you can foster an environment of curiosity, trust, and collaboration;
  • Product and project management process reviews to ensure Product and Engineering teams are trusted partners;
  • Career management and policy reviews to promote desirable behaviours and growth; and
  • Analysis of team structures to determine opportunities for peer mentorship and coaching.