Building great software starts with investing in great people. We help our clients focus on the growth and learning of their team. We help them lean into their strengths and unleash the full potential of their software teams.

Great software products should service users, not the other way around. We help our clients focus on the needs of their users and prioritize the problems that they need solving the most to build exceptional software.

When the Foci (plural for focus) of people and product come together, the result is exceptional software. Empowering software teams through engineering-focused learning and thoughtful product management coaching creates high quality software that better meets user needs.

We at Foci Solutions pride ourselves on our culture of collaboration and intense curiosity. We believe that each of our team members are unique and know best what they need to grow and be excellent at what they do. While our mothership is located in Gatineau, QC, we are proponents of remote work and have team members living and working across Canada. Our cozy office provides an excellent place for everyone to come and enjoy a collaborative atmosphere when we feel the desire to interact in 3D.

We believe technology companies that provide great internal culture, meaningful impact, and opportunities for growth in addition to competitive compensation packages have more engaged teams and attract better talent. At Foci Solutions we focus on our corporate culture as the top priority and invest heavily in making sure that we have the most engaging place for top technology talent to come work and grow.

Our team operates on 3 main principles: Be Curious; Be Honest; Be Collaborative.

Be curious and grow fast. Continuous learning is at the core of Foci’s career model. We invest in all our team members by providing them with opportunities in a collaborative working environment in consulting, product R&D, and social impact projects in addition to specialized training and coaching. Professional development of individuals, both internal and with our clients, is the paramount goal.

Be honest, your opinion matters. We believe our strength comes from diversity, not just diversity of individuals, but a diversity of personal experiences and opinions. We work hard to nurture that diversity. We trust in our people, and this trust is built on transparent feedback.

Be collaborative, work together and get things done. Collaboration is fundamental to our business. While the credit for the individual effort is shared fairly in teamwork, our people are accountable for each other in line with the Scrum ideals.