About Us

Building high performance software product teams is what we do.  The methods we use to help clients create better software engineering practices are the same ones we use to develop our own people.

For Foci, investing in our people means more than just providing training and mentorship.  We actively seek out interesting and diverse problems for our team members to solve beyond client projects. This nurtures our ability to see problems from different perspectives while working in a variety of organizational environments.  To that end, our business consists of three main facets.

  • Consulting – Consulting is the core of our business. Everything we do is to ensure we are the best at helping our clients get the most out of their software product teams. We work with our clients to build up their own engineering capabilities and processes rather than having to constantly rely on external expertise. Our team-driven approach ensures that every team member has the opportunity to develop their own skills based on knowledge sharing and coaching from others.
  • Technology Incubation – We conceptualize and develop innovative software solutions and bring them to market as commercial products. This work provides opportunities for our team members to learn, experiment, and grow. We encourage our team members to contribute inspiration for internal R&D projects based on what they see as common problems across client engagements or simply as something interesting which will challenge us to build skills relevant to market-trends.
  • Social Impact – There is no more challenging IT environment than the social-impact sector. Direct social outcomes, typically combined with limited resources and low technology exposure provide the perfect challenge to balance innovation with risk of outcome. We work with non-profit and charity organizations to leverage technology in delivering effective and efficient programs through our philanthropy program. Our team members are challenged to work on these projects to develop their ability to focus on impact rather than technology.