Using Kind for Local Kubernetes

I have been playing around with Kubernetes lately and was looking for an easy way to get a cluster going locally. I came across Kind when looking for this solution and found it really easy to use.

It’s super easy to get a cluster going especially if you already have kubectl installed. It’s fast to install kind as you can just download the executable and include it in your path.

In PowerShell for example

curl.exe -Lo kind-windows-amd64.exe
Move-Item .\kind-windows-amd64.exe c:\some-dir-in-your-PATH\kind.exe

Getting a cluster going after installation is just as easy

Kind Cluster Created


docker ps
kind create cluster
docker ps
watch kubectl get nodes

After a few seconds you will have a control plane up and ready to accept commands. I think it will be really fun to explore what can be done by having a Kubernetes cluster available in such a short amount of time.