Ye Deng

After 15 years of working in software development, Ye still derives great joy and satisfaction from seeing how the resulting softwares are able to help people solve problems, regardless of size. Prior to her most recent roles in developing SaaS and cloud-based solutions to enable EDA and Event Meshes, Ye has enjoyed various roles in software design, support, legacy system modernization/migration, and system integration for both small private enterprises and larger government agencies.

Ye is fascinated by the ever-evolving technologies that have inspired so many to innovate in countless fields; it may be something seemingly trivial such as helping mail get delivered, or as important as tracking our health information, or as “crazy” as helping the search for other life forms in the universe. Combined with her other experiences, this gives her a deep appreciation for collaboration between teams and people of various backgrounds. Throughout her projects, Ye brings a balance of innovation, technical excellence, and practicality with the end goal of helping people.

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