David Dearden

David’s interest in technology started when he was a young boy using the family’s Macintosh Classic computer. This interest grew as he learned to build PC’s while watching his dad build the new family PC at home. Later on, most of the money he earned from part-time jobs went toward his own PC build. This eventually led to a career in IT support. David also started to learn web-development at a young age, and started to learn a little about programming too.

While working in IT, he spent some of his free time picking up more programming skills, and his interest started to grow. He went on to build a small web-app for his team and took some night-school classes in programming. The more he learned about it, the more he wanted to pursue it. After about a decade in the IT support field, he decided to change directions and left his IT job.

He went on to complete a Computer Science degree at uOttawa and started his new career as a developer at Foci. David chose Foci because of their constant pursuit of excellence through best practices and strong team working. David also enjoys tinkering with hardware on the side. He usually has a few projects on-the-go involving a raspberry pi, including a custom-built smart mirror. He is also learning about 3D modeling and 3D printing on his Enter 3 V2 printer.

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