Announcing Foci Solutions

A little over three years ago, I had the great fortune to reconnect with an old friend from my university days. I lured him away from his well-paying and stable position at one of the Big 5 consulting firms to help me incubate an Integration practice focused on helping large enterprise clients connect their various COTS investments.

Since convincing him to recklessly quit his job and join BoldRadius, Shan and I have been through a lot of ups and downs. His relentless focus on operational and delivery excellence and sharp strategic mind is a strong complement to my ability to create strong culture and set up structures for success. Throughout the time we’ve worked together, I’ve learned to be objective, fair and direct. And my entrepreneurial approach to getting initiatives off the ground has rubbed off on him. Lean, Agile, and Kanban replaced the large and heavy institutions of Waterfall and PMI.

We looked at the market around us and saw that we were building something special, something that landed neatly between the armies of independent consultants and the giant multi-billion dollar consultancies. We have been able to fully leverage our entrepreneurial approach in combination with our experience in large-scale IT implementation to cut through the noise on enterprise IT transformation programs and to focus on the core actions needed to drive it forward. We have become that small tactical team that could help our clients get out of the infinite spin of analysis and to just do something. To move boldly forward instead of being paralyzed with fear when staring down a massively complex problem.

The Integration practice we built within BoldRadius has attracted some amazing talent and has established a strong reputation. Through trial and many errors, we’ve learned what we need to do to secure and maintain enduring relationships built on results for our clients. Finally, we’ve established solid financial footing and the ability to invest in furthering our success.

The Integration business has matured – it needs focus, direction, independence and talent. It’s time for it to spread its wings and take its own path under a new structure, new brand and a new name – Foci Solutions.

Speaking for Shan, myself and the team, we’re excited about what the next chapter holds for Foci. We’re looking forward to solidifying our success and expanding into new areas. We’re relishing the possibilities of new client interactions around better, more mature ways to manage IT and we’ve got big plans to build capabilities that don’t currently exist for IT teams.

Keep an eye on this company – it’s going places.