Cloud-Native Re-Engineering

Heritage applications contain components and services that are often better and more cost-efficient to consume from the Cloud. Leaving heritage applications as-is also means you’re migrating all the technical debt into an environment which can be changed without your control, introducing significant operational risk. We have the experience to re-engineer your applications to unlock the full potential of Cloud while addressing your technical debt through

  • Application refactoring to better leverage existing Cloud capabilities and services to reduce the overall code footprint;
  • Architecture concepts that optimizes for costs (e.g., FaaS, PaaS, microservices, modular scaling, dynamic environments, multi-tenancy);
  • Containerization and management platforms right sized to your level of complexity and scale (e.g., Docker, Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Anthos);
  • Highly instrumented applications designed to leverage Cloud monitoring platforms to provide operational insight; and
  • Abstracting security away from developers using Cloud-based tools and frameworks (e.g., key vaults, identity & access management, software defined networks, threat detection, patch management).