We are committed to our clients’ success. We believe that is achieved by helping our clients build their internal capabilities rather than just delivering software on their behalf. We have designed our services to work with our clients’ teams hand-in-hand in a player-coach model to ensure they can continue to be successful without us.

Our unique strength lies in our ability to provide the combined experiences and expertise of the entire Foci team, regardless of the size of the engagement.  When you engage our services, you’re getting the support of our whole team, not just individual resources.  We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Services we offer

Software Team Build

The best way to learn how to build better software is to just do it. No amount of training or certification programs can provide the lasting knowledge of actually working through a product delivery lifecycle. We provide full stack software development pods to work alongside our clients’ teams in a player-coach model to improve their software delivery capabilities. We do all of this over the course of a real product delivery lifecycle.

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Software Delivery Diagnostic

Building quality software is not about technology, but about behaviours and practices. We help our clients analyze their organization from their tech stack, to their skills inventory, to their SDLC and operational processes to help them figure out what part of the organization must be enhanced and invested in to improve the robustness and agility of their software business.

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