Software Team Build

The best way to learn how to build better software is to just do it. No amount of training or certification programs can provide the lasting knowledge of actually working through a product delivery lifecycle. We provide full stack software development pods to our clients. The pod includes the following capabilities to work alongside your team:

  • Project and Program Management
  • Product Management
  • Solution Architecture
  • User Experience Business Analysis
  • Software Development
  • Traditional and Cloud Platform Engineering

How do we do it?

Our approach to helping you advance your software delivery capability is driven by 3 main principles:

Integrated Teams – Whether the project is small or large, we always engage with our clients and work as a team. Each engagement is led by a Delivery Executive who will work with you to ensure that the project remains connected to and aligned with your objectives and parameters.  By engaging with us, you get the benefit of having an experienced team who knows each other’s working methods and who avoid the delays and issues typically associated with ramping up independent consultants (e.g., communications, methodology, personality). We integrate our team with yours to build up your capabilities using methods such as peer programming and code reviews.

Small-a Agile – We live and breath Agile, but are not religious to its various flavours or rituals. We believe in the principle of iterating through short Sprints and managing a well defined Backlog to achieve a constant flow of business value. Adopting these principles are key to your organization not just keeping up with, but keeping ahead of changing customer needs and market conditions, and we will work with you to bake those principles into your organization. Properly run Agile processes also provide better visibility into your software lifecycle, providing direct traceability of work back to business features and value.

Automate Everything – DevOps isn’t just having CI/CD tools or having your dev and operations teams sit together. It is about creating a culture of ownership and responsibility for features and changes and baking in automation in everything that you do. We do this on all of our projects and we will teach your teams to do it as well. Automation makes highly repetitive technical tasks more efficient and consistent so that your team can focus their attention on the higher value activities.